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TRUMPF are the benchmark for laser cutting machines and ATAD has been their exclusive partner for more than one decade in this Region.
TRUMPF offers the right machine for every laser cutting need. Whether you are processing extremely large or small batches, medium or large format, thick or thin sheets: you can count on receiving neutral, expedient advice to help you find the optimum and most cost-effective solution.

2D Laser Cutting Machines

TruLaser Series 1000

Low cost, compact and operator-friendly machines
The ability to fit in the smallest spaces combined with low investment and operating costs and easy operation are convincing features of the TruLaser Series 1000.

TruLaser Series 3000

Flexible standard machines
The flexibility and reliability of these genuine all-around machines is exceptional.

TruLaser Series 5000

Productive machines
These powerhouses set high standards of productivity and cost efficiency.

TruLaser Series 8000

Flexible oversize format machines
These machines deliver highest cost efficiency and excellent part quality in the oversize range.