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Innovative Technology

TRUMPF machines are very well equipped for all current demands in sheet metal processing and achieve optimal results. To address specific requirements as well, and simplify operation even further, we are continuously developing innovations, such as regulatory, control functions and sensor systems.
For special requirements, you can expand your production capabilities with our innovative Lines – you will find a selection here. Our assistance systems, such as the smart functions, help you with your daily work. Besides Lines and assistance systems, clever features also optimize your production process.
Productivity, reliability and high quality – these Lines, smart functions and clever features can help you improve your workflow.

  TruLaser Series 1000  TruLaser Series 3000  TruLaser Series 5000 TruLaser Series 8000
AdjustLine   C / F C / F C
BrightLine*   C C C
BrightLine fiber*      F  
ContourLine  C / F C / F C / F C
ControlLine  C / F C / F C / F C
CoolLine*   C C / F C
DetectLine*   C / F C / F  
Drop&Cut    C / F C / F C
Single cutting head strategy  C / F C / F C / F C
FlyLine    C / F C / F C
FocusLine  C / F C / F C / F C
High-speed cutting*   C C C
Laser output control  C / F C / F C / F C
LensLine    C C C
PierceLine  F C / F C / F C
Smart Nozzle Automation*     C / F  
* Optional         C - CO2        F -   Fiber(SSL)