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Automation of Punch & Combi

Automation of punching and punch laser machines
The big range of automation components offers many possibilities to respond to your needs.
As an experienced full-range supplier, TRUMPF is a one-stop shop for turnkey automation solutions for punching and punch laser machines, including programming and process control technology.

Automation Components


The SheetMaster is the best solution for automating your punching or combination machine. Automatic loading and unloading makes your production process much more reliable and cost-effective. The SheetMaster can also be hooked up to other highly efficient automation components.

  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Flexible production of medium to large batches
  • High process reliability
SheetMaster Compact  

The SheetMaster Compact is the space-saving and inexpensive entry-level solution for automating your TruPunch 2000 and TruPunch 3000. It loads sheets and pre-cut parts and unloads microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • High efficiency
  • Minimum footprint
  • High process reliability
Cart systems  

Our cart systems offer a customized method of expanding your SheetMaster. They automatically make the sheets available to load into the machines and create connections to various different storage systems. Simply choose the single and double carts you need to create the perfect combination for loading and unloading.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher raw material and storage capacity
SortMaster Pallet  

On the SortMaster Pallet (chain conveyor) finished parts are laid or thrown onto stacks that are unloaded with the SheetMaster.

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher capacity for finished parts
SortMaster Box  

The SortMaster Box automatically sorts small parts that are ejected through the punch or laser chute. Up to four bins are available for sorting the ejected parts.

  • Sort small parts while the machine is in operation
  • Highly automated handling of small parts keeps human intervention to a minimum
  • Enhanced productivity
SortMaster Box Linear  

The SortMaster Box Linear sorts finished parts into linear boxes while keeping scratches to an absolute minimum.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Gentle handling of finished parts
  • Optimized container logistics

The GripMaster makes sheet skeleton handling a whole lot easier. It automatically removes sheet skeletons and strips and stacks them on a scissor table.

  • Highly automated removal and stacking of sheet skeletons
  • Enhanced productivity

The ShearMaster cuts up sheet skeletons and simplifies the task of disposing scrap material. The sheet skeleton is simply pulled out of the machine and onto the ShearMaster conveyor table where the shears cut it into handy-sized strips.

  • Optimizes the production process
  • Helps to increase scrap value
  • Optimum solution for dealing with sheet skeletons

The ToolMaster is a fully automated solution for rapid processing of complex jobs with multiple tool changes. It provides space for between 40 and 70 additional tools and uses a pivot arm to automatically insert the required tools in the machine's magazine.

  • Enhances productivity
  • Makes job processing much more flexible
  • Increases tool capacity
ToolMaster Linear  

The ToolMaster Linear stores tools, offering maximum flexibility when processing orders involving many tool changes and increasing your productivity, during automated operation in particular. With storage capacities of 18, 54 and 90 spaces, the tool magazine can be perfectly adapted to suit your requirements.

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater flexibility through larger variety of tools
  • Reduced tool change time
  • Expanded tool capacity
  • Expandable on a modular basis

The DisposeMaster makes it easier to dispose of scrap. It sorts shredded sheet skeletons and slugs by material type.

  • Enhances productivity
  • Automatically separates up to 3 different types of material
  • Optimized container logistics