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TruBend Series 7000

Ergonomic high-speed machine
The TruBend Series 7000 is a perfect example of the coordinated interaction between operator and machine. You can be sure of achieving outstanding productivity at every stage of the process thanks to its high speed and acceleration, and the optimized working environment provided by its ergonomic features.

  • Outstanding productivity
  • Maximized, multiaxis dynamics
  • Engineered for maximum comfort
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced footprint
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Technical data
  TruBend 7018  TruBend 7036
Press force (KN)    
Bending length (mm)    
Width between columns (mm)    
Maximum table / beam distance (mm)    
Usable open height with manual and hydraulic tool clamping (mm)    
Usable open height with TRUMPF QuickClamp (mm)    
Operating height (mm)    
Inclination of beam (mm)    
Speed (mm/sec)
Y rapid
Y working max.
Y return traverse speed 
X axis 
R axis 
Z axis
Y axis position accuracy
X axis position accuracy
R axis position accuracy
Working range
Y axis stroke 
Travel path X axis
Max. gauge area in X
Travel path R axis