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CLAIND Nitrogen Generators

CLAIND - Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting Applications
Laser cutting technology needs ultrapure nitrogen to have a brillant and stainless cut, to rapidly remove the molten metal from the cutting zone without reacting with it and additionally requiring a mixture of inert gas to protect laser machine optics, reducing the risks of the intrusion of impurities, significantly extending the lifetime of the optics themselves. Find the complete range of gas generators for laser cutting and beam ventilation.
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Some laser cutting machines are requiring nitrogen for the beam ventilation even without cutting with nitrogen. Laserguide provide a cost effective and reliable solution to this need.
  • Ultra pure and hydrocarbon free
  • Independent from cutting gas
  • Cost effective
  • Long life experienced (since 10 years of operation)


Nitrogen generators for cutting gas.
  • 200 bar system to allow the maximum storage
  • HIGH purity 99,999% allows the best cutting results
  • Oxygen analyser built in and connected to the alarm system
  • Compact with built in compressor for space saving and for easy maintenance
  • Italian design