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Soyer Stud Welder

‚ÄčCapacitor discharge stud welding (CD)
Capacitor discharge stud welding has been successfully used for many years all over the world. Previously, it was only possible to weld studs with a maximum diameter of M8. Further development of the stud welding procedure combined with the use of SOYER welding studs allows the maximum welding range to be expanded up to M12. The welding process is effected by discharging the capacitor battery within a very short time from 1 – 3 ms (0.001 – 0.003 sec.) using the welding element’s ignition tip. This procedure has proven its worth especially in the areas of vehicle construction, sheet metal forming and decorative metal design.

Drawn arc stud welding (DA)
Drawn arc stud welding is a welding procedure for maximum loads. It enables welding of weld fasteners measuring between 6 mm and 25 mm in diameter. The entire welding process is controlled and monitored by an electronic power source. This procedure creates high-quality welded connections and has proven its worth e.g. in steel construction, machine construction and shipbuilding. Typical applications are: Construction of prefabricated parts made from reinforced concrete, door and window construction, structural and civil engineering, fixture construction, pipeline construction, machine construction, shipbuilding, etc.

Magnetic field stud welding (SRM)
The patented stud welding process with a rotating magnetic field (SRM) (patent no.: 10 2004 051 389) in conjunction with the newly developed HZ-1 universal weld stud featuring a plane end face and centring tip (patent no.: 10 2006 016 533) enables welds at a ratio of 1:10 from the sheet thickness to the stud diameter (previously 1:4). There is no need to use ceramic rings during this process. The numerous advantages delivered by the SRM procedure offer completely new potential applications, primarily in the area of automated stud welding plants and large-scale component production.

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Video : Soyer BMS 10NV - CD Welding up to M12