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​​ATLAS COPCO - Gas Generators for Laser Cutting Applications
Laser cutting technology needs ultrapure nitrogen to have a brillant and stainless cut, to rapidly remove the molten metal from the cutting zone without reacting with it and additionally requiring a mixture of inert gas to protect laser machine optics, reducing the risks of the intrusion of impurities, significantly extending the lifetime of the optics themselves. Find the complete range of Atlas Copco
gas generators for laser cutting.

Product Catalogue

NGP PSA Nitrogen Generator

Easy to install, ready-to-use. Atlas Copco NGP
nitrogen with PSA (pressur swing absorption) 
technology deliver a high capacity nitrogen
flow at the purity you need. It provides a cost-
effective, reliable and secure supply of nitrogen.
  •  Save on 3rd party costs
  • Pressur swing absorption
  • N2 always available
  • High N2 purity
  • Plug-and-play

NGP+Premium N2 generator with PSA technology

​Atlas Copco NGP+ premium nitrogen generators offer
the completest scope of nitrogen supply atthe highest
energy efficiency.Carbon molecular sieves guarantee
premium nitrogen at the highest purity level.
  • Protecting your application
  • Protecting your investment
  • Ready for industry 4.0
  • 50% reduced running cost
  • Rely on your own N2 supply
  • Up to 99.999% purity
  • Plug-and-play

The all-in-one Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator

The Atlas Copco nitrogen skid comes with a
GA VSD+ compressor, an LB booster, a NGP+
nitrogen generator, air and nitrogen receivers,
dryers and filters, all integrated in to one 
compact and pre-comissioned skid. It is a true
plug-and-play solution that delivers cost savings
and nitrogen supply independence for complete
peace of mind. All components are built to Atlas
Copco quality and energy efficiency standards.
Available model: 40-Bar version fordirect use
and 350-Bar one that also allows for bottling.


Atlas Copco OGP PSA on-site oxygen generators
deliver a high capacity flow at the purity you need.
Suitable for a wide range of application with pressure
swing absorptiontechnology (PSA). Zeolite pellets
selectively isolate oxygen molucules in compressed 
  • Optimal savings
  • On-site versus delivery
  • High purity
  • Plug-and-play