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Ultra-rough conditions: DILLIDUR. Hard to beat.

Excavators, demolition and recycling equipment, and also gigantic machines for mining and quarrying, are all exposed to extreme wear. DILLIDUR has been a fixed element in the global fight against this cost-driving phenomenon for more than 50 years and continues to be used extremely successfully by OEM and the manufacturers of wear parts in many sectors, such as earth-moving equipment and mining.

This material’s sophisticated chemical composition, incorporating low carbon equivalents, permits low preheating temperatures for welding and flame cutting, assuring safety not only during workshop fabrication but also under rough and adverse in-service repair conditions.
We supplies DILLIDUR steel with hardness ranging from 400 to 500 Brinell to withstand even the worst wear conditions.

DILLIDUR - Overview
Steel Grade Thickness (mm) Nominal Hardness (BHW) Data Sheet
 Dillidur 500V  8 - 100  500  
 Dillidur 450V  8 - 100  450  
 Dillidur 400V  6 - 150  400